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Give thanks in a meaningful way. This curation delivers an Artisan of Sense travel candle along with the 'Oprah X Write To Me' Blessings Journal, and our signature air plant to help cleanse the air and create a sense of balance wherever your recipient may be. A thoughtful way to say thanks.

Oprah x Write To Me Blessings Journal

Blessings come in all shapes and sizes. From small daily experiences to life lessons – they show up. Every day we wake up we are blessed to be alive and growing older. This journal has been created so you can acknowledge and write down the everyday blessings in your life. Part of Oprah Winfrey’s O collection created by Write To Me.

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Artisan of Sense Travel Tin Candle Patchouli Orange

Supporting our Singapore brands, ‘Artisan of Sense’ embraces the ‘no nasties’ philosophy in the production of their gorgeous hand crafted candles. Using eco-friendly soy wax, 100% pure therapeutic essential oils and just LOVE they will soothe the mind, reenergise and promote focus.

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Small Air Plant

We love our selection of Air Plants. They are special, not least because they require minimal care - just a spritz of water every day or two. They are also magic - air plants reduce carbon dioxide in the air during photosynthesis, at night, as well as remove chemical pollutants while adding oxygen back to help you breathe better.

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Give Box Love Custom Wooden Box

Our sustainable-sourced boxes are custom made to the highest quality, with a sliding lid for ease of access. They have been specifically designed to last and can be used as a keepsake holder, a decorative item, or to store precious memories. And with custom engraving they suddenly become a treasured personalised possession.

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1 × Veuve Clicquot Champagne - 750ml

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1 × Laurent Bernard Chocolates - 25 pieces

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1 × Laurent Bernard Macarons - 5/6 pieces

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1 × Laurent Bernard Chocolates - 9 pieces

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1 × Daily Gratitude Journal by Mål Paper - Cotton Hardback

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1 × Marchesi Di Gresy Barbera D'Asti Red Wine 750ml

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1 × Majani 1796 Dark Chocolate & Raspberries 115g

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