Send a friend some Peace with our truly unique Serenity box of love. This selection will help re-balance the recipient's aura and create a sense of calm and contentment to help combat the chaos that life sometimes brings. Each item has been personally selected and curated to touch all the senses and generate positive energy and calming vibes.

Artisan of Sense Musk, Bergamot & Rose Soy Candle (Small)

Supporting our Singapore brands, ‘Artisan of Sense’ embraces the ‘no nasties’ philosophy in the production of their gorgeous hand crafted candles. Using eco-friendly soy wax, 100% pure therapeutic essential oils and just LOVE they will soothe the mind, reenergise and promote focus. Escape reality and dive deep into a world of passion with Musk! Allow the intoxicating blend of Bergamot and Rose to hold your sense captive.

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Juniper Ridge Sage Smudging Stick × 2

Sage has been used for centuries as a way to clean the air, and create balance to your environment. These sage smudging sticks help to wash away negative vibes and replace it with positive energy throughout your entire space. This Sage has been sustainably grown on private land in the USA and very carefully collected to preserve these sacred plants. Provided in a pair. 10cm.

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White Geode Quartz Crystal

As an introduction to crystals, this mini white quartz is a great starting point. Quartz is considered to conduct energy very well and is used by crystal healers to enhance, store and focus energy on parts of the body and spirit in need of healing. It is also perfect for creating a focus point for meditation. Approx. 10cm wide. Do note all crystals are unique.

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Singing Bowl with wooden rod

Melt your mental and physical stress away with this therapeutic singing bowl. Known for its healing and relaxation benefits, singing bowl produce sounds and vibrations when hit or circled with the provided mallet. These sounds and vibrations are said to open energy flow, eliminate toxins, reduce pain, increase relaxation and stronger energy flows. Comes with pouch and resting pillow.

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Pourie Himalayan Salt Massage Ball - 200g

Since ancient times, rock salt has been used to reduce muscle & joints pains. When heated and rubbed on sore muscles and joints or when mixed in warm water, the salt gets absorbed by the body and helps to reduce inflammation & relaxes the muscles. This ball can be used as a heated massage stone by placing a wrapped ball in hot water, as a foot soak or bath salt in your tub, or as a natural deodorizer by rubbing this bar affter a bath.

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White Folding Hand Fan

Perfect for throwing in your bag, our foldable fan is a lightweight and made from bamboo and recycled paper.

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Oprah x Write To Me Blessings Journal

Blessings come in all shapes and sizes. From small daily experiences to life lessons – they show up. Every day we wake up we are blessed to be alive and growing older. This journal has been created so you can acknowledge and write down the everyday blessings in your life. Part of Oprah Winfrey’s O collection created by Write To Me.

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Give Box Love Custom Wooden Box

Our sustainable-sourced boxes are custom made to the highest quality, with a sliding lid for ease of access. They have been specifically designed to last and can be used as a keepsake holder, a decorative item, or to store precious memories. And with custom engraving they suddenly become a treasured personalised possession.

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1 × Veuve Clicquot Champagne - 750ml

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1 × Laurent Bernard Chocolates - 9 pieces

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1 × Laurent Bernard Chocolates - 25 pieces

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1 × Artisan of Sense Patchouli, Orange & Clove Candle (Medium)

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1 × Artisan of Sense Travel Tin Candle Patchouli Orange

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1 × Artisan of Sense Citrus Lavender & Lime Candle (Small)

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1 × Analogue Apotik Bee & Soy Wax Candle 5oz - Avalon

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1 × Analogue Apotik Bee & Soy Wax Candle 5oz - Kabuchiko

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1 × Personalised Festive Bauble

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1 × Juniper Ridge Sage Smudging Stick

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1 × Juniper Ridge Cedar Smudging Stick (Pair)

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1 × Oil Based Fragrance by Analogue - Cleopatra (Feminine)

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1 × Solid Cologne from Analogue Apotik: Cleopatra

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