Scrub Up Sir!


Get scrubbed up and standing to attention with our selection of Elysian5 products suitable for male skin, and be stimulated by a hand made candle from Malaysian artisans Analogue Apotik.

Elysian 5 Mens Coffee Body Scrub - Musk

Energizing, Earthy, Intoxicating. Musk has an earthy, woody, intoxicating scent. This musk-infused scrub is rich in antioxidants and helps to reverse skin damage caused by free radicals. Made only with the purest essential oils and rich in vitamins, this is an amazing scrub to exfoliate and buff away dead skin.

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Elysian 5 Face Scrub - Vanilla

Packed with antioxidants, this cleanser moisturizes as it exfoliates, heals and hydrates skin. This scrub does all of the magic of regenerating skin, increases blood flow and circulation, reduces wrinkles, repairs scarring, evens and brightens skin tone. This face scrub is a perfect blend of coffee, coconut oil, vitamin E, vitamin B5, vitamin A, rose hip oil, almond oil and jojoba oil.

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Elysian 5 Body Wash - Orange Plum & Bergamot

A body wash that is beautifully scented by exotic blossoms at the peak of their bloom with Orange, Plum and Bergamot.Made in Australia with only natural ingredients. Can be used by the whole family daily.

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Small Air Plant

We love our selection of Air Plants. They are special, not least because they require minimal care - just a spritz of water every day or two. They are also magic - air plants reduce carbon dioxide in the air during photosynthesis, at night, as well as remove chemical pollutants while adding oxygen back to help you breathe better.

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Give Box Love Custom Wooden Box

Our sustainable-sourced boxes are custom made to the highest quality, with a sliding lid for ease of access. They have been specifically designed to last and can be used as a keepsake holder, a decorative item, or to store precious memories. And with custom engraving they suddenly become a treasured personalised possession.

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This item: Scrub Up Sir!

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1 × Veuve Clicquot Champagne - 750ml

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1 × Laurent Bernard Chocolates - 25 pieces

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1 × Artisan of Sense Patchouli, Orange & Clove Candle (Medium)

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1 × Artisan of Sense Travel Tin Candle

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1 × Artisan of Sense Citrus Lavender & Lime Candle (Small)

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1 × Personalised Festive Bauble

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1 × Best Dad Ever - Engraved Wooden Coaster

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1 × How it Works: The Dad - Ladybird books for adults

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1 × Laiba Sour 125ml

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1 × Laiba Cold Brew Martini 125ml

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1 × Laiba Twisted Negroni 90ml

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1 × Analogue Hair Paste

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1 × Pourie Natural Deodorant in Travel Tin

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1 × Wooden Desk Toy

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