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Send a friend this basket of chicness.  Our Oh So Chic Basket has a little bit of everything to perk up anyone's day. Added in are some Chamomile Tea for chilling out, and a gorgeous slab of Italian Chocolate to be perked up by. Keep focused by writing down life's blessings in our WRITE journal, and then completely zone out with our body wash and indulgent large natural sponge. This is another basket of bliss. As always, exclusive to GIVE BOX LOVE! Add on a bottle of bubbles to make the day even brighter!  

WRITE Linen-bound Grey Notebook Journal by Write To Me

WRITE and pave the way for new ideas, ticking things off a big project list or just daily scribbles with this gorgeous linen notebook journal. Putting pen to paper can also be therapeutical – it doesn’t have to all be about work or study. Keeping a journal or notebook can also be used for writing out thoughts and emotions. There is no right way or wrong way to keep a journal or notebook – it is a personal journey that puts you on the right path to achieving what you want in life. Worthy of your notes, scribbles, brainstorms, lists, projects, dreams, visions, emotions, gratitude’s, goals, notes, and plans. 100 lined and 44 blank paged journal. SEE MORE IMAGES

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Artisan of Sense Fresh Cut Basil Candle (Small)

Supporting our Singapore brands, ‘Artisan of Sense’ embraces the ‘no nasties’ philosophy in the production of their gorgeous hand crafted candles. Using eco-friendly soy wax, 100% pure therapeutic essential oils and just LOVE they will soothe the mind, reenergise and promote focus. This is 'Fresh Cut Basil': Upon the forest floor so woven with ancient tree roots came a light filtered by the bouquet of foliage above: softened, verdant, and freshly aromatic

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Tea Tub of Calm - Make Your Own Tea Bags

Exclusive to Give Box Love! This Tub of Calm is a 'make your own' tea bag set. It includes a pouch of natural dried chamomile flowers along with 10 reusable muslin drawstring tea bags, with one of our 'spade-shaped' brass tea spoons. Chamomile flowers have a yellow center and white petal, with a light herbal taste with floral notes. It is believed that chamomile herbal tea is one of the top three enjoyed teas in the world. This tea is calming and soothing, helps silence the mind and aids in restful sleep. See More

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White Fixed Hand Fan

This hand made fan is so useful to throw in your beach or pool bag, and is a great tool for creating some much needed breeze during our sticky hot days! Made from bamboo and recycled paper.

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Elysian 5 Face Mask - Hydrate

Quench and soothe your skin with this ultra hydrating mask for your skin with its 40ml of essence in every mask. This mask will replenish moisture levels, restore suppleness and radiance and stregnthen skins barrier function that helps defen against oxidative damage.

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Silky Pink Eye Mask

Imagine this: After a long day of work, you pull your hair back and sink into your pillow. Lightweight and breathable, you can hardly feel that you are wearing anything when you fall asleep with this sleep mask. Block out bright light to help ensure a peaceful and uninterrupted sleep...

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Majani 1796 Dark Chocolate with Cocoa Nibs

Majani is the oldest chocolate factory in Italy, founded in 1796. This new collection of 115 gram block bars comes in a variety of flavours and are gluten free.

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Elysian 5 Body Wash - Orange Plum & Bergamot

A body wash that is beautifully scented by exotic blossoms at the peak of their bloom with Orange, Plum and Bergamot.Made in Australia with only natural ingredients. Can be used by the whole family daily.

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Sponge Grass 4"

Our sea sponges are sourced from the crystal clear seas of Greece and harvested from sustainable farms. Sea sponges are 100% natural, eco-friendly and biodegradable and have significant advantages over artificial non-biodegradable alternatives. Sponges are harvested in a way that allows them to regrow even after they have been gathered as trimming the sea sponge does not harm the organism. It’s similar to cutting your hair! Our ‘Natural Grass’ sponges have been delicately lightened to remove blemishes and create a uniform look and feel.

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Give Box Love Customised Seagrass Basket

Our hand crafted seagrass baskets come in multiple sizes and have been customised using colourful hand straps with detailed rivets. As well as delivering your curated gift set, the basket can be used for a variety of purposes, upright or folded into a vessel. Depending on the size, it can serve as a magazine holder, laundry basket, remote control organiser and as each comes with a plastic inner tray, the basket can also work as an indoor or outdoor plant holder!

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This item: Oh So Chic Basket

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1 × Veuve Clicquot Champagne - 750ml

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1 × Laurent Bernard Chocolates - 25 pieces

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1 × Laurent Bernard Chocolates - 9 pieces

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1 × Artisan of Sense Patchouli, Orange & Clove Candle (Medium)

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1 × Artisan of Sense Travel Tin Candle Patchouli Orange

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1 × Artisan of Sense Citrus Lavender & Lime Candle (Small)

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1 × Analogue Apotik Bee & Soy Wax Candle 5oz - Avalon

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1 × Analogue Apotik Bee & Soy Wax Candle 5oz - Kabuchiko

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1 × Engraved Name Keepsake - Natural Wood Slice

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1 × Engraved Name Keepsake - Wooden Heart

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1 × Oil Based Fragrance by Analogue - Cleopatra (Feminine)

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1 × Solid Cologne from Analogue Apotik: Cleopatra

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1 × Wooden Desk Toy

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1 × Juniper Ridge Cedar Smudging Stick (Pair)

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1 × Juniper Ridge Sage Smudging Stick

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