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Build a Box: Well Being

Design your own gift box with a focus on well being. Choose from our curated list of unique and exclusive items and accessories, or select additional items below from our 'Add On Items' selection. What's in the gift set? Included in this set is a candle from Artisan of Sense, our beautiful white ceramic vase, an air plant, slate tile coaster and a pair of balancing cedar smudging sticks. This gift set comes in a wooden box (size dependent on number of items selected), free greeting card and delivered in a kraft paper bag.

White Matt Ceramic Petite Vase

Our white vase is delicate yet solid, made in ceramic with protective feet on the base. The vase maker contributes a portion of every vase sold to supporting deaf schoolchildren in China.

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Small Air Plant

We love our selection of Air Plants. They are special, not least because they require minimal care - just a spritz of water every day or two. They are also magic - air plants reduce carbon dioxide in the air during photosynthesis, at night, as well as remove chemical pollutants while adding oxygen back to help you breathe better.

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Black Slate Tile

This single tile can be used as a coaster or a stand for a candle or home accessory. Comes with protective vinyl non-slip feet.

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Artisan of Sense Fresh Cut Basil Candle (Small)

Supporting our Singapore brands, ‘Artisan of Sense’ embraces the ‘no nasties’ philosophy in the production of their gorgeous hand crafted candles. Using eco-friendly soy wax, 100% pure therapeutic essential oils and just LOVE they will soothe the mind, reenergise and promote focus. This is 'Fresh Cut Basil': Upon the forest floor so woven with ancient tree roots came a light filtered by the bouquet of foliage above: softened, verdant, and freshly aromatic

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Juniper Ridge Cedar Smudging Stick (Pair)

Cedar, used in a smudging stick, can help to wash away negative vibes and replace it with positive energy throughout your entire space. This Sisikiyou cedar bunch has been sustainably grown on private land in the USA and very carefully collected to preserve these sacred plants. Wrapped in twine and provided in a pair. 10cm.

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Give Box Love Custom Wooden Box

Our sustainable-sourced boxes are custom made to the highest quality, with a sliding lid for ease of access. They have been specifically designed to last and can be used as a keepsake holder, a decorative item, or to store precious memories. And with custom engraving they suddenly become a treasured personalised possession.

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Tea Tub of Calm - Make Your Own Tea Bags

Exclusive to Give Box Love! This Tub of Calm is a 'make your own' tea bag set. It includes a pouch of natural dried chamomile flowers along with 10 reusable muslin drawstring tea bags, with one of our 'spade-shaped' brass tea spoons. Chamomile flowers have a yellow center and white petal, with a light herbal taste with floral notes. It is believed that chamomile herbal tea is one of the top three enjoyed teas in the world. This tea is calming and soothing, helps silence the mind and aids in restful sleep. See More

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White Folding Hand Fan

Perfect for throwing in your bag, our foldable fan is a lightweight and made from bamboo and recycled paper.

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Silky Pink Eye Mask

Imagine this: After a long day of work, you pull your hair back and sink into your pillow. Lightweight and breathable, you can hardly feel that you are wearing anything when you fall asleep with this sleep mask. Block out bright light to help ensure a peaceful and uninterrupted sleep...

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Golden Woven Basket Tea Strainer

This unique handwoven tea strainer has been expertly designed to ensure a slow release of perfectly brewed tea in every cup. A delightfully delicate and visually striking addition to any tea service.

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Brass Teaspoon

This solid Japanese-style brass spoon is the perfect tea companion.

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Amai IndoChine Cream Teapot

We are delighted to introduce Amaï handmade teapot and cups to our range. The perfect marriage of East and West design, this Vietnamese range is humble yet refined. The elegant ceramic has a glossy and shiny finish on the inside with a matte rough finish on the outside. Its soft pastel colour brings freshness to your morning or afternoon tea.

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Elysian 5 LipBalm - Vanilla

Our Biodegradable cardboard push-up Lip Balms are made with a nourishing blend of organic and pure ingredients such as extra virgin olive oil, vanilla, jajoba and vitamin E. Use this to lock in moisture for cracked lips, fresh eyes and dry cuticles!

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Pourie Himalayan Salt Massage Ball - 200g

Since ancient times, rock salt has been used to reduce muscle & joints pains. When heated and rubbed on sore muscles and joints or when mixed in warm water, the salt gets absorbed by the body and helps to reduce inflammation & relaxes the muscles. This ball can be used as a heated massage stone by placing a wrapped ball in hot water, as a foot soak or bath salt in your tub, or as a natural deodorizer by rubbing this bar affter a bath.

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White Geode Quartz Crystal

As an introduction to crystals, this mini white quartz is a great starting point. Quartz is considered to conduct energy very well and is used by crystal healers to enhance, store and focus energy on parts of the body and spirit in need of healing. It is also perfect for creating a focus point for meditation. Approx. 10cm wide. Do note all crystals are unique.

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Oprah x Write To Me Blessings Journal

Blessings come in all shapes and sizes. From small daily experiences to life lessons – they show up. Every day we wake up we are blessed to be alive and growing older. This journal has been created so you can acknowledge and write down the everyday blessings in your life. Part of Oprah Winfrey’s O collection created by Write To Me.

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Juniper Ridge Body Wash - White Sage 8 fl oz.

This cleansing and refreshing White Sage Body Wash brings the sun baked Mojave desert into your bathroom and transforms your everyday shower into a refined bathing ritual. As versatile as it is inspiring, this body wash is also an all-purpose liquid soap and because it’s concentrated, a little goes a long way. We use it on the trail or by the sink as well as part of our bathing routine. For this body wash the makers combined their signature steam-distilled essential oils with other saponified organic oils—clean ingredients to invoke the essence and scent of the wild locations we love. When you can’t get out there, bring nature home. 236ml

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Pourie Bath Salt - Rose 250g

All Natural Pourie Rose Bath Salt is made to give you a relaxing and uplifting experience from the comfort of your own home. The combination of our all-natural mineral-rich salts, mixed with dried rose petals, and infused with rose & essential oils blend will give you a beautiful treatment to heal, renew and detoxify your skin.

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Unbleached Sponge 4"

Our sea sponges are sourced from the crystal clear seas of Greece and harvested from sustainable farms. Sea sponges are 100% natural, eco-friendly and biodegradable and have significant advantages over artificial non-biodegradable alternatives. Sponges are harvested in a way that allows them to regrow even after they have been gathered as trimming the sea sponge does not harm the organism. It’s similar to cutting your hair! Our ‘Unbleached Wool’ sponges are ultra soft, completely natural, unbleached and very suitable for sensitive and baby skin, or for people who want to 'keep things natural'. Please rinse before use.

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Veuve Clicquot Champagne - 750ml

The Classic! ABV 12%

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