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All For Him

The perfect gift for any gentleman. This is a great selection of some of our favourite grooming products from our exclusive brand Pourie and the ever popular local brand Elysian 5. Upgrade with fragrance oil, wine or chocolate to maximise the gift impact. Add on box engraving for a truly personal touch!

Elysian 5 Body Wash - Orange Plum & Bergamot

A body wash that is beautifully scented by exotic blossoms at the peak of their bloom with Orange, Plum and Bergamot.Made in Australia with only natural ingredients. Can be used by the whole family daily.

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Elysian 5 Mens Coffee Body Scrub - Musk

Energizing, Earthy, Intoxicating. Musk has an earthy, woody, intoxicating scent. This musk-infused scrub is rich in antioxidants and helps to reverse skin damage caused by free radicals. Made only with the purest essential oils and rich in vitamins, this is an amazing scrub to exfoliate and buff away dead skin.

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Pourie Natural Deodorant in Travel Tin

This unique Natural Deodorant is made from Alum Stone, carved into a handy bar and delivered in a useful travel tin. To be used on clean underarms, moistened with a little water. The bar should be dried off before being put back into its storage tin. Very useful for travel, this deodorant bar can last months and is highly effective for daily use. Fragrance free, so this it the perfect gift for him or her.

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Pourie Shampoo Bar - Charcoal in Travel Tin

Delivered in a handy travel tin, this is a solid form of shampoo that can be moistened in the shower and applied like a regular shampoo. It has been formulated to be pH balanced and therefore compatible with both hair and skin so won’t dry out your scalp but still provides a very effective clean. This shampoo bar can also be used to clean the body or even the face, making it the perfect, travel-lite companion. pH: 5.87.

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Solid Cologne from Analogue Apotik: Colossus

Solid colognes are perfect for travelling, throwing in a gym bag or having handy in the office. Just rub your finger along the solid surface and rub into neck, and wrists to feel fresh all day long. Featuring a top note of premium blended citruses and spices with earthy notes of Amber and Musk this solid cologne from Malasyia has an extremely aromatic mid presence of nutmeg grounded with strong woody notes. Colossus - Neroli, Citrus, Peach, Nutmeg, Amber, Musk, Sandalwood. Suitable for men who like modern fresh atmospheric scents found in luxury brands.

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Sponge Grass 4"

Our sea sponges are sourced from the crystal clear seas of Greece and harvested from sustainable farms. Sea sponges are 100% natural, eco-friendly and biodegradable and have significant advantages over artificial non-biodegradable alternatives. Sponges are harvested in a way that allows them to regrow even after they have been gathered as trimming the sea sponge does not harm the organism. It’s similar to cutting your hair! Our ‘Natural Grass’ sponges have been delicately lightened to remove blemishes and create a uniform look and feel.

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Give Box Love Custom Wooden Box

Our sustainable-sourced boxes are custom made to the highest quality, with a sliding lid for ease of access. They have been specifically designed to last and can be used as a keepsake holder, a decorative item, or to store precious memories. And with custom engraving they suddenly become a treasured personalised possession.

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