We have a passion for creating and curating the best gifts available. We love to take the hard work out of choosing the ‘perfect gift’ and dedicate our time to sourcing unique items, creating beautiful packaging and added luxurious customised elements.

Give Box Love is a new Singapore based start-up, founded by three long term residents, hailing from Indonesia, Australia and the UK, all happily married to Singaporeans. We love to call Singapore our home.

We have curated a mix of locally made and sourced brands, and blended the selections with international products and brands, many of which are new to Singapore. Quality brands such as Artisan of Sense, Laiba, Krakakoa, Elysian 5 and Laurent Bernard are becoming iconic in Singapore. And we’re delighted to be introducing Skin Sapiens toiletries, Amai ceramics, Write To Me books, and Mary Meyer to our Little Red Dot. We are also curating our own product range, which so far includes Natural Sponges from Greece and customised baskets from Indonesia.

As well as a dedication to creating and curating perfect gifts, we are also passionate about ensuring our products are made and sourced in sustainable ways, and our impact on the planet is minimal. We avoid the use of plastics in all our packaging wherever possible, and our all our packaging can be recycled or reused. In fact, our wooden boxes are specifically designed to last a long time, and can be used as a keepsake holder, a decorative item or to store precious memories.
In 2022 we are launching our programme entitled Give BACK Love which will encompass and celebrate our suppliers’ sustainability and social program efforts, and introduce a new ‘giving back’ scheme directly connected to our business and our customers.
We’re very excited to share more about this soon.
Want to know more or have a question? Send us a message and we’ll get back to you tout de suite!